Drakesleat Song n' Dance retrieving


                Whilst we do not hunt any longer it is nice to know our hounds will still work 




hunting the woodpile

halfway up a tree! After squirrels




Champion Drakesleat Prints Fillup in his Tracking Harness




    JINKS  Ch Drakesleat 'Ai Jinks in River 



A Drakesleat pet dachsie showing she can hunt


Ch Drakesleat Frankly My Dear Retrieving



Ch Drakesleat Hobs Tickle & friend Rabbiting


MERCY with Hasse watching

Drakesleat Show No Mercy

in the water retrieving



Foxearth Freemason at Drakesleat

A working & TRACKING Dachshund


Terry & Hounds  hoping for some rats !



Dachsies rabbiting




Dachsies enjoying a romp in

the river



                                                  Wolfhounds can Hunt too !              

                  Mercy.. doing what she does best

Marianne Nixon with the Champions Edgecroft Simon Amoretta of Champflower & Brackenacre Sweet Pea at a coursing meet of the Deerhound club

A puppy we sold with her first rat!

And here is a Ris Otto Puppy with a rabbit!


The baby pups smell a mouse!!

Athletic Dachsies by Yoko

Squirrels again!