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Top Dachshund All  COATS .. Scent Sybil

also winner of the JACKDAW Trophy for most outstanding Dachshund for 2014

Top Brood Bitch.. Sally Forf

Top Stud Dog ..Otton the Scent

Top Puppy.. If Looks Cud Kill

Top Breeder in the Hound group 2014  .. Drakesleat


Top Dachshund All  COATS .. Win Tin Tin

Top Brood Bitch... Phyllis Tyne

Top Stud Dog ... Otton the Scent

Top Puppy ...Scent Sybil

Top breeder in the Hound group for 2013  ... Drakesleat

Winner of the first PAWSCARS "BREEDER OF THE YEAR" awarded at crufts 2014.

The latest show team for 2014

SYBIL wins the Viscount Chelmsford Champion bitch Trophy and the Eukanuba Champion stakes overall at the Hound Show twice running

& goes third in the final in 14 beating 27 of the Top winning dogs in the country! We could not compete in the final in 15 as Jeff was one of the secret judges.



Scent Sybil.. group 3 Boston 2014, group 2 Darlington 2014

Best in Show Northern Dachs, & the Dachshund Club.. In 15 winner of six group places including group 1, 16 CCs 18 Best of breeds up to nov.

         Ch Drakesleat Fingers Xrossed Best of Breed at her first show and 4th in the group Manchester & 2nd group Paignton 2014

Now a new champion in 2015

shown here winning group 2 Paignton




Top Min Wire 2013 ...Win Tin Tin

Top Min Wire 2014 ... Scent Sybil

Both winners of the Jackdaw Trophy for most outstanding Dachshund for 2013 & 2014


       Tin Tin ..winner of more CCs than any other hound during 2013

Scent Sybil Joint Top CC winner in the Hound Group 2014

6 mths old and winning the CC and Best Puppy in Show                  Drakesleat If Looks Cud Kill

This is baby "Killa" the youngest dog Champion ever at 1 year 2 days old








Bitch CC Best of Breed and Reserve Best in Show Min dachs Club           New Champion Drakesleat May Contain Nuts

Min Club Reserve CC winners Win Tin Tin & Scent Sybil



Spoils from the Miniature Club show  

"Killa" by 9 1/2 mths had won 2 CC 3 reserve CCs, Best puppy in show Min Club, & Dachs club of Wales, Res Best Puppy in show at the Northern dachs, & Puppy group three at the Hound show of Scotland


Runner up "Pup of the Year" Hound Show , TOP BITCH PUPPY 2012



 Best Dog Hound Puppy Group 1st at Southern Co, Puppy group 1st & Reserve best Puppy in Show at Bath                 

"Killa" the youngest ever dog Champion!! Gains his title at 1 year 2 days at Leeds Ch Show




Champion Win Tin Tin winner of CC Best of breed at the Hound Show of Scotland..his 14th challenge certificate.. just 2 yrs old




Sybil ...Dachshund Puppy of the Year, and runner up in the adult section 2013, also Best in Show Northern Dachshund ch show, & the  Dachshund club. Now at 2 years old has 22 CCs, and is the Top Winning Dachshund all coats and sizes ( Dachs Club & Dog World) Syb wins another Best in Show at the Wire Club 2015..184 wires entered





Ch Drakesleat Fifty Scents Best Puppy in Show at the Northern dachs.. Reserve CC winner as a puppy, Best of Breed Hound show 14 .

    Curtis ( Fifty Scents) photos by Lisa Croft Elliott                                     Winner of 8 Junior classes during 2013    CC at SKC just beaten by his sister Sybil for best of breed, reserve best dog at Southern Co, ( Killa best dog)         CC Best of Breed at the hound show 2014 Res CC Birmingham City to his half brother  CC SWKA .. Sybil Best of Breed    


Sybil at the Eukanuba Champion stakes final

Sybil came a fantastic third, beating 27 other top winning dogs of the year.. the highest ever placing for a Min Wire

the Drakesleat gang  Photo Lisa Croft Elliott

Three of the Drakesleat team Photo Lisa Croft Elliott

Ch Drakesleat Hostile Takeova, Reserve CC at the Dachs Club of Wales and Min Club 2015.

Reserve CC at the Hound Show of Scotland where Sybil won BOB and group 3, CC at SKC & three more reserve CCs to date..CC Belfast where Sybil was best of breed, and his title at Midland Co 15.

Ch Drakesleat Scent Sybil ,  Best in Show Wire Club 15, 6 best of breeds in a row, and 16 CCs in 15. group three Hound Show of Scotland, group 1 East of England and TOP HOUND ALL BREEDS up to july 15, followed by 5 more group places and a run of best of breeds, up to Nov, she is runner up Top Hound all breeds